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    Advanced Neural-nets and Topic-models (ANT) laboratory belongs to the department of Bigdata engineering in SoonChunHyang University, South Korea. The lab has two main research area: "information extraction" and "text mining", where focused technologies are deep learning and topic modeling.


Research Area

  • Korean ML, Korean TimeBank, and Temporal Information Extraction from Korean Texts
  • Intelligent & Emotional Conversational System
  • Out-of-domain (OOD) Detection
  • CalNet: Neural Networks for Arithmetics
  • Document Summarization
  • Topic Comprehension by RNN



  • Slot Normalizer, 2017.1 ~ 2017.6, Naver corporation
  • Out-Of-Domain Detection, 2017.3 ~ 2020.2, NRF
  • Enbot project, 2018.10 ~ 2019.1, Soonchunhyang Univ.
  • Industry/Job code classification using deep laerning, 2018.9 ~ 2020.9, MSS


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Reports (data analysis)

  • Analysis of Relationship between Length of News Article and Sentiment, 2018.3 [PDF]


  • bytecell@sch.ac.kr (professor)


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